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Information for Courts and Tribunals

The Department of Communities and Justice, Legal (DCJ Legal) oversees Court and Tribunal ordered appointments only.

Participating Courts and Tribunals must notify the Office of the General Counsel within 48 hours or earlier of a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) appointment. The Office of the General Counsel is unable to act on a GALs notification unless it comes from the Court (although legal representatives involved in proceedings where a Court ordered appointment has been made may still bring the matter to the Office of the General Counsel's attention).

A GAL appointment should be notified to the Office of the General Counsel by email to the following email address:

The following details should be provided (see Information required by the Office of the General Counsel for Court and Tribunal ordered appointments, PDF, 70kb):

  • Name and contact details of the person for whom the Guardian ad Litem is appointed;
  • Is the person a child/young person or adult and what their involvement is in the proceedings;
  • Whether the person identifies as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander;
  • Proceeding details, including proceeding number or child/young person's name if Children's Court proceedings;
  • The date of the NCAT/Children's Court order appointing a Guardian ad Litem;
  • The jurisdiction and Court/Tribunal location;
  • The date and time the matter is next listed and advise if it a mention, directions or hearing etc;
  • Whether there is a legal representative acting for the person. If yes, the address and contact details of the legal representative are to be provided; and
  • Any special circumstances or requests by the Judicial Member.

After the Office of the General Counsel has been notified of a Court/Tribunal ordered appointment, the Office of the General Counsel will assist with the appointment of a GAL to the person stated in the order. The Office of the General Counsel will notify the Registrar of the participating Court/Tribunal within 3 working days of the GAL appointment and provide letters of confirmation to both the Registrar and the GAL.

The services provided by the Office of the General Counsel are available to participating Courts and Tribunals. If you would like to become a participating Court or Tribunal, please contact the Office of the General Counsel.